Cahoots is a 26' C&C sloop from 1977. She is a DNR Inspected and Certified Vessel and  has been sailing in the Great Lakes for her whole life. She is a stout vessel. She sits high on the water, and when she gets a little wind in her sails, her 4 foot keel digs in and she is as steady as anything.

Detroit Sailing Trip

Detroit Sailing Trip

History With Detroit Sails

Cahoots was purchased by Detroit Sails in July of 2017. She was in great shape and sailed beautifully. Her rig was refitted by an ex-sailmaker and fine-tuned to be graceful with power. She underwent some cosmetic refurbishing on her woodwork and came back to life in a stunning way.

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The Cockpit

There's plenty of room for guests on deck, but we wanted the cockpit to feel both classy and cozy. After installing custom floor-boards, resizing the cushions, sanding and staining the woodwork, and adding the custom drink-holder, Cahoots was ready for company! 


The Captain

Captain George grew up in Northern Michigan, sailing the straits as a young lad. He became a captain years ago for the company Classic Harbor Lines in New York City, sailing big schooners through the Hudson River. Captain George has a 100Ton Master's License for the Great Lakes and Inland Water with an Auxiliary Sail Endorsement.


"If I get my druthers, I'll find me a proper Schooner, and make the Detroit River her home!"

-Captain George, 2017