~Sailing In Detroit~

Detroit Sails offers private sailing trips on the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. This is THE Detroit Sailing Trip.

Detroit Sailing Adventure

Detroit Sailing Adventure


It's as simple as that! 

We offer 2 hour sails for up to 4 guests at a time. 2 hours with your favorite people? on a sailboat? on the Detroit River?? YES! 

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Day Sails - 242$

Sunset Sails - 280$

Sailing on the Detroit River

Sailing on the Detroit River

The trip is BYOB, so you can bring whatever you'd like. We do have a cooler aboard for keeping drinks nice and icy (bring ice). The cockpit is cozy, and there is ample room to lounge on the deck. 

Assemble your crew

We depart from the marina and head out onto the water. We will set sail and catch wonderful views of Belle Isle, the Downtown Skyline, Lake St. Clair, The Detroit Yacht Club, The Canadian waterfront, and much more. Participation in the sailing is welcomed, but not mandatory, of course.

This is the perfect trip for groups of friends, romantic evenings, special occasions, or any event you would like to make extra special and memorable. We can accommodate most special requests, so if you have a crazy idea, we'd love to hear it!

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Enjoy the Detroit river

The Great Lakes are a huge source of pride for us Michiganders, and the Detroit River is not only a vital part of their connectivity, it is a beautiful body of water in and of itself. As the old saying goes, "If you want to know a city, look at the water around it." The Detroit River is more beautiful than its been in decades, and Detroit itself seems to riding the same wave.